The Aarke Kettle

Features of our electric stainless steel kettle:

• Multiple temperature settings (40°C-100°C)

• Heat-retaining double wall

• Quiet boiling

• Heat-safe handle in stainless steel

• Smooth lid opening

• Non-drip spout for perfect pouring

Sleek design meets precise engineering

Multiple temperature settings

This electric kettle boasts variable temperature settings: 40°, 75°, 85°, 95° and 100°C. We added a memory function for extra convenience - the Kettle will remember the setting you picked last time.

LED temperature indicator makes setting selection easy and intuitive and shows temperature as the Kettle cools down.

Energy efficiency and quiet boiling

Our smart double wall design offers multiple benefits. It makes Aarke Kettle the perfect quiet kettle, keeping the noise down, while boiling. Comparing to most of modern kettles, one might even call it a silent kettle.

Thanks to the double wall, it's also an energy efficient kettle. It retains heat and keeps the water warm for longer.

Easy cleaning

We purposely designed our electric
stainless steel kettle with a wide opening and seamless surfaces for easy cleaning. Compared to most conventional kettles, the heating element in the Aarke Kettle is hidden, making the cleaning process even smoother.

Aarke tip: if your water has a lot of limescale, use the Kettle with our Purifier water filter and forget about regular kettle limescale cleanups.

Stainless, stylish and silent

The Aarke electric kettle is engineered to heat water in an effortless, sustainable way – every time, every day. Made of durable stainless steel that minimizes the use of plastic.

The result is a seamless, modern kettle with an elegant design and a perfectly rounded base, making it look just as good on your kitchen counter as dining table.