A Closer Look at Aarke Glass Water Filter Jug

It’s not uncommon to wonder “Where can I buy a glass water filter jug?” if one values quality and durability and strives to reduce their environmental impact. The short answer is: Aarke. Our Purifier is a glass water filter jug featuring a plastic free stainless steel water filter cartridge, which proudly holds a patent for its choice of materials and way of functioning.

Are Glass Water Filters Better than Plastic?

While it may be obvious that glass countertop water filter jugs are better than bottled water when it comes to cutting down on single-use plastics, it’s worth noting that Aarke glass water filter jug does more than that. It's an upgrade from all the typical plastic water filters on the market. From the inside out.

The Outside: Glass Carafe of the Water Filter

As with all Aarke products, every detail of our glass water Purifier is meticulously thought through and every material choice is evaluated from both the aesthetic and practical perspectives. So, we’ve decided to make the carafe of our premium glass water filter jug in durable borosilicate glass. A material known for its ability to withstand high temperature fluctuations. This means our Purifier can be washed in the dishwasher.

Plastic jugs are most of the times not dishwasher safe yet can be scratched easily making it possible for germs to get into the dents and develop microbiological growth like mould. This makes our glass water filter jug a more hygienic choice than many others. A food grade silicone bumper comes with the Purifier and protects the glass water filter carafe from bumps and scratches.

The Inside: Reusable Water Filter Cartridge in Stainless Steel

And it’s not just the glass carafe of the water filter that sets us apart, it’s the refillable stainless steel water filter cartridge as well. Some brands do offer water filters with a glass pitcher, yet use the conventional technology, where plastic filter replacement cartridge is inseparable from the filters and the disposable container. It therefore needs to be thrown away almost every month, making many question if water filters are actually bad for the environment.

Just like with our other products, Aarke is re(de)fining the category of glass water filter jugs by introducing a modern take on water filtration – the innovative ReFilter System™. The inner part of the Purifier glass water filter pitcher consists of stainless steel water filter cartridge and hopper. This is a more durable and hygienic choice than common plastic. The entire system can be cleaned in the dishwasher without scratching, which prevents microbiological growth. You can even boil it.

With our reusable and refillable water filter cartridge in stainless steel the only thing that needs to be changed for optimal water filtration is the filter granules. They are poured directly into our stainless steel water filter cartridge and one 3-pack of Aarke filter granules is equivalent to 3 months' worth of filter refills.

Developed in collaboration with one of the world’s leading water technology companies, BWT, our filter cartridge refill granules make your tap water cleaner and more pleasurable.