There comes no gas when I push down the lever. Why?
This could have a number of reasons. To begin with, please check if your cylinder is empty.
Then check that you have screwed the cylinder hard enough. On some cylinder models, the brass pin is located much deeper down than on others and therefore you need to screw these cylinders a bit harder. Screw the cylinder tight, but don’t use violence. If this doesn’t work, please try to unscrew  the cylinder and screw it back again tight and try to push the lever down again and see what happens. If nothing of this helps, please drop us a mail at support@aarke.com and we will answer within 24 hours.

Why is water squirting out from the machine and how do I avoid it?
First of all, please make sure you don’t fill water above the filling line. Rather fill a bit below the line if you experience this problem. Just a few millimeter can make the difference. Especially when the cylinder is new it has a big pressure which creates a lot of bubbles inside the water bottle. If you release the lever too quickly just when the water is bubbling high up in the bottle, it could lead to water coming through the valves, resulting in water squirting. So to avoid this, there are two things you can do 1) Please don’t fill the bottle above the filling line, rather below the line when cylinder is new. 2) Release the lever slowly, especially if the cylinder is new or temperature in the room is high, which makes the pressure high in the cylinder.

Why isn’t the Aarke water bottle made of glass instead of PET?
You probably bought the Aarke sparkling water maker because you like how it looks and works. A glass bottle is more dangerous to use together with pressure compared to a PET bottle, simply because if it would crack, it would potentially hurt the user. So the design of the machine would have looked completely different if we would have had a glass bottle as it would have had a protective chamber to put the glass bottle in while carbonation, making the machine bigger and more cumbersome to use.

Why is the lever clicking before gas comes out into the water bottle?
If you experience a click just before gas comes down into the bottle, this click is normal and comes from the cylinder and not from the machine. This is because you are using an old Sodastream cylinder. that has a small pin or ball-shaped pin, instead of a bigger plate shaped pin. These cylinders don’t open as smoothly as the ones with a bigger plate. The cylinders with small pins go pretty deep until they release gas, so make sure to screw these cylinders tightly into the machine.

I don’t get good carbonation despite pumping up and down with the lever. Why?
With a lot of competitor machines you build up the pressure in the bottle by pumping a few times until you hear the buzz, and after that you will swing out the bottle to release the gas. Our machine works differently. You should push down the lever and HOLD IT DOWN until you hear the valve go off. Then slowly release the lever and it will automatically release the gas without needing to swing out the bottle. If you pump up and down the lever instead of holding it down, you will release the gas everytime you lift the handle and therefore the pressure will never be able to build up inside the bottle, leading to no bubbles. Please watch the instructional video here if you want to see this in action.

Can I wash the bottle in the dishwasher?
Bottles of any material are never suitable for washing in the dishwasher, since you risk having dishwasher powder left in the bottle after the wash programme or that the water never really reached all way up in the bottle. It is NOT ALLOWED to wash our bottle in the dishwasher so we recommend to use the bottle for water only and to add syrups and flavors afterwards in a separate carafe or directly into the glass. If you use it this way, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the water bottle other than cleaning it under running water with a mild detergent.