Differences between Aarke Purifier vs Purifier Large water filter pitchers

What is different and what is similar

Comparing Aarke Purifier with Purifier Large and other brands of water filter pitchers.

Filter Technology

The filter technology is the same in Purifier and Purifier Large: a refillable cartridge in stainless steel that you fill with granules. The water poured into the hopper goes through the water filter cartridge filled with Aarke filter granules.

This process removes dirt and particles from the water pipes and significantly reduces heavy metals, and chlorine making your water cleaner, softer and tastier*. Our Pure granules filter out limescale, for better taste and prevention of limescale buildup in your appliances. Our Enriched granules makes the water alkaline, and adds Magnesium mineral.

The refillable cartridges are the same in both the Purifier and Purifier Large water filter pitchers – meaning that our Pure and Enriched filter granule bags are compatible with both models.

The filter granules in the refillable water filter cartridge should be changed every 4 weeks and the total amount of water that can be effectively filtered with 1 bag of filter granules is 120 L.


Aarke water filter pitchers range includes two glass water filter pitchers, their main difference being their size. The Purifer Large suits bigger households while original Purifier is perfect for 1-2 people. The granules and the stainless-steel cartridges are the same.

Aarke Purifier has a capacity of 1.18 L, compared to Aarke Purifier Large’s 1.7 L capacity of filtered water. The Purifier Large is 25 cm high, while the slimmer Purifier is somewhat taller at 27.5 cm including the lid knob.


Both of our water filters feature a glass carafe with a stainless-steel hopper and refillable filter cartridge in stainless steel.

While the Purifier comes with a sleek glass handle, the Purifier Large features a sturdy handle made from certified, recycled Ocean Bound Plastic and is attached to the glass pitcher with stainless steel strapping. The ergonomic design comfortably supports the weight of the larger water volume.

At Aarke, we always consider the sustainability, quality and engineering aspects when we source a material. For ergonomic reasons, plastic was the best choice for the handle. We decided to use certified Ocean Bound Plastic, made from recycled plastic, which was at risk of ending up in the ocean – collected close to coastlines, rivers and waterways, or from used fishing gear.

Compared to majority of other water filter pitcher brands - both Aarke Purifiers are perfectly dishwasher safe at 60°C.

Please note: the refillable filter cartridge should be emptied of filter granules before putting it in the dishwasher.

What sets Aarke water filter pitchers apart from other brands?

Similar to the biggest players on the market, our filter technology uses filter granules – a combination of activated carbon and ion exchange resin to reduce heavy metals, chlorine and limescale.

But we offer this technology using a non-plastic refillable water filter cartridge in stainless steel, instead of the single-use plastic filter cartridges of other brands (which are disposed of after each use). With the Aarke ReFilter System, you only need to change the filter granules, which are refilled into the reusable stainless-steel cartridge every 4 weeks.

This reduces waste, making our solution more sustainable. It is also more hygienic. Thanks to the stainless-steel housing, you can even boil our refillable water filter cartridge with the granules inside, effectively preventing bacteria buildup.

When it comes to other materials – we opt for a healthier and more durable alternative to the plastic carafes used by most other brands. Our water filter pitchers are made of glass and stainless steel, designed to make your water cleaner and better tasting for years to come, and they are 100% dishwasher safe.

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