Beyond the Surface: Steel

Welcome to our Beyond the Surface series, where we dive deep into the inspiration behind each of our timeless finishes for the Aarke Carbonator 3. 

Today’s featured finish is Steel--by far one of our most popular with each generation of the Carbonator. Every Carbonator 3, regardless of color or finish, is made from food grade stainless steel--now also featuring a stainless steel nozzle and lever. The Carbonator 3 Steel colorway particularly embodies our love for the material from the inside out. 

steel carbonator 3
steel carbonator 3

For those of us who prioritize quality and visual appeal in equal measure, the choice of casing material for our Carbonators was both a big deal and a no-brainer. Out of all the materials we love and use in building Aarke products, hard-wearing stainless steel is by far our favorite. With no risk of rust and high resistance to scratches, it’s designed to stand the test of time and stand as a stylish addition to your countertop for years to come. 

The best home for our Stainless Steel finish? In all honesty, Steel is one of our most widely loved and versatile colorways, bringing an industrial feel into the home. Closely matching most modern kitchen appliances, it’s sure to blend in seamlessly with both contemporary, minimalist kitchens as well as more classic environments.While the brilliant shine and clean design ensure a standout appearance. 

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